You Are WINNING!!!!

When you're tempted to compare yourself to other folks...

Compare yourself
To YOU when you started!

If no one has told you today...
Congrats, baby...You are winning!!


Tiffany Smith
A Tribute To My Mother

I speak your name!!!!

I am the living demonstration of my mother, my mother's mother, her mother... And all the women who invested in me, loved me, corrected me and showed me how to BE woman!

Tiffany Smith
Not On My Watch!


I am peace-filled and more spiritually mature these days but if you mess with MY child or ANY child in my presence, I will bring a wrath of crazy that will make your nightmares seem like a happy place... without apology. Being a mother is my most sacred and cherished responsibility and honor.

Tiffany Smith
What's The REAL Tea?

Morning Tribe!

Did you see the season finally of Real Housewives of Atlanta? It was juicy!!!

Not just because of the drama.. but because of the lessons that all of us can learn about OURSELVES from it.

Every situation is an opportunity for healing! It's time to break it down.

Tune in and let's talk about it!

Tiffany Smith
First Cousins

There is just something about family. About 1st cousins... About bloodlines!

My daughter, Avery, has always admired and loved her big cousin, Kayla. Look at THOSE poses!!!!

They get their fierceness through their bloodline, baby!

Continue to be bold, be passionate, and live out loud, precious girls!

The world is waiting for you to showcase your gifts and talents!

Proud mama and auntie!


Tiffany Smith
When I Grow Up

When I was growing up in Oakland, Ca, I was often asked the question, "Tiffany, what do you want to be when you grow up?".

I would reply with confidence and sass, "I want to be a Luther Vandross backup singer!"

I can't hold a tune if my life depended on it! But who was I to mess up the video I had in my head with a little truth like that! I wanted to dress up, put on a big wig and look beautiful and SANG! Also, I would marry Jackie Jackson and have boy and girl twins... and also be a Oakland Raiderette Cheerleader part time. It was simple!


Tiffany Smith
I'm "Fine"

Wouldn't you rather BE fine than PRETEND to be fine?

It starts with taking off the mask and revealing and acknowledging the parts of you that are crying out to be healed! You get to choose the narrative of your life!

Because the truth is...

the only people who don't want you to speak your truth are the people who are living a lie themselves.


Tiffany Smith
Healing Yourself Matters

Unless we are willing to heal ourselves, we will be toxic to EVERY-one and EVERY-thing we love. Period.

We will continue to attract OUR toxicity back to us in the form of chaos, drama, pain and isolation. What we hold in consciousness will be reflected back to us as our experiences.


Tiffany Smith
The Beauty of My Life


Social media captures the best of our lives and that is truly a beautiful thing!

Yet... my life is REAL! Meaning there are days when my life magical! It's a snap shot of joy, abundance and love!

And there are days when I am tired, anxious and hard on myself.

Tiffany Smith

Just finished my morning prayer call with my sista who reminded who I truly AM...

I AM a powerhouse!

Not in the sense of arrogance, conceit, or "better than"... it is simply that am made in the image of God. I AM...



Come on now!

Tiffany Smith
Be The Best Not The First

Our society is consumed with being the first, the shiniest, famous, the most paid.... yet there is no conversation about the dedication it takes to master your craft. To master your mind. To have enough esteem to feel worthy of the goodness we say we want.

Tiffany Smith
The truth is _________________ and I am ready to change!

Listen... doing too much, being too much and expecting to little will leave you wrinkled, wrecked and angry!

Pump your brakes!

Ask yourself what is the pay off for you being overextended, overwhelmed and exhausted? Is it disease to please? The perfect patty syndrome or the "I need you"!to validate me (even if it literally kills me) affliction?

Tiffany Smith
The Walking Dead

We live our lives like zombies! Wake up, go to work to pay bills, go about our habits and go back to sleep. And do it all over again.

Is that really BEING alive? 
Are IN tuned or tuned OUT?
Are you awake or unconscious to the reason you are Alive?

Tiffany Smith
Impress Yourself

A friend just recently shared that he is celebrating his first year of sobriety. I felt such admiration for the choices he made to get to this point after such a challenging journey. I can only imagine how his self worth has increased because he has impressed himself, moving through some dark uncertain times by doing the work no one wants to do. The work when no one was watching, when no one gave him applause, when no one may have noticed. He dug deep. He didn’t give up. He fought for his life and his dignity. And he is winning!

Tiffany Smith
Your Moment Is Now

I will not be
Another flower,
Picked for my
Beauty and left
To die.

I will be wild, difficult to
Find, and impossible to

Erin Van Vuren

This is the only life you have... your moment is NOW!

Tiffany Smith
A Cluttered Mind

Is there anything in your life that you can’t tolerate another minute? Maybe it’s the clutter in your closet or in your unread emails, an unresolved relationship, or your current job or even your appearance? Or just maybe a general unrest in your spirit that you can not shrug off.

Tiffany Smith

Set an intention for how you want to experience THIS Day!!!

Live less out of habit and more out of intention!

Tiffany Smith