No Is A Complete Sentence!



It requires no further explanation or some kind of justification!

Every day life you drag you around by your hand yelling...
"THIS is important!"
"THIS can't wait!"
"I SHOULD do this!" 
"I CAN'T say no... what will THEY think?!!"
"THIS request is more important than my sanity, health or peace of mind!"

And every day you must find the courage and strength to YANK your hand back, place it on your heart, and gentle say to yourself "No. THIS is what is important!"

And drop the damn Mic! Hang up the phone! And put that energy towards what truly matters to you in your life!

Please get this... by saying yes all the time doesn't make you a good person, it just makes it clear that you don't have healthy boundaries.

Cause guess what? Folks are putting their needs in the front seat of their own lives and relying on you to take the HIT!

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