A Different Perspective on Valentine's Day

On this day that highlights love, I offer a slightly different perspective...

If you keep avoiding self love, the Universe will continue to send people who avoid loving you, hoping you to get a little clue.

What clues are you receiving?

Well, this is my clue...

My primary relationship is with myself --- all others are mirrors of that. As I learn to love myself, I automatically receive the love and appreciation from others. If I am committed to myself and living MY truth, I will attract others with the same level of commitment.

My willingness to be intimate with my own true feelings creates a space for others to do the same!

You have to be willing to do the WORK to love yourself or you will spend your life time USING people to fill up a hole in your heart that they are not responsible for not can ever fill! Because no amount of romantic love is sufficient to fill the yearning your soul requires from YOU!

So on this day... whether you are boo'd up or happily single or desperate to start a new chapter with a lover and friend....


YOU Is special!

YOU is smart!

YOU is beautiful!

And on some real sh$t... I appeciate each one of you for joining the Journey!

Now make it a great one!

Happy Valentine's Day, tribe!

Tiffany SmithComment