My Angel

My Angel,

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Once upon a time, about 30 years ago, two brown sisters from Oakland met another brown girl from Detroit. She was so smart and so fly! Devine intervention brought us all to NYC in little ass apartments up the street from one another. We couldn't be more different yet we all became best friends forever, connected by the fire in our souls and the desire to live out our dreams. Music was the soundtrack to our lives.

Six years ago today my sister and I lost our best friend. Kathy, our BFF, became our guardian angel. Memories flood my thoughts today... Meeting her when I was 14 years old at FAMU while she was fussin' at her brother Buzzy about the car they shared (hands on hip and base in her voice! Publishing hot new music at Midnight Songs/PolyGram in the 90's when music
Was at it's all time best! Tearing up some ribs and margaritas at Dallas BBQ's on the Upper Westside and wondering why we were getting so damn thick!, BUmpin'' Brown Suga in the recording studio with D'Angelo, knowing that this would be a monster hit; hanging out at the Hit Factory in NYC in lobby listening to Jodeci and Tribe Called Quest as they created MAGIC, eating Jamaican beef patties and sippin' rum punch at Ed's mama's house in Brooklyn while dance hall music played in the background, talking late into the night about some cute boy we met at the music showcase that night, crying hysterically when Biggie Smalls died yet most days laughing until tears streamed down our faces about some inside joke that we only thought was funny! And yes, daring a fool in Harlem to grab your azz just one more time! "I wish YOU would!", I declared!

And let's not forget hanging out into the wee hours of the morning with WU TANG CLAN knowing we had to get up and go to work early in the morning!

Girl, what were we thinking?!! Yet I always knew no matter what went down.... you had my back! No words required. Only a subtle look...You knew where ALL the bodies are buried.

We were young and broke yet you couldn't tell us that our sh$t didn't stink! I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you aren't here with me. Who will I ever repeat the same story to 89 times and they will act as if they just heard for the first time? We will never sit up all night just talkin, dreamin' and eating!!

I never felt judged. Not once in our 30 years together. I still have your number in my cell phone. I could never delete you. I could never replace you. Yet what I know fur sure is that I had the BEST best friend ever. Damn, I still miss you, Katy! Yet I can’t help to feel such gratitude that God connected us for 30 precious years. You were and still the best friend EVER!
 I now have an angel I know by name... and you still have my back! I

I will always remember you as beautiful,

I will always remember your gentle power.

I pray I am making you proud. I think of you every single day...
I miss you.

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