Yesterday, I stumbled upon the fact that there is this concept floating around called The National Side Chick Day, which takes place the day after Valentines Day. After I grabbed my pearls and closed my agape mouth, I learned that this day honors the women who are mistresses. And as the mistress, she will spend the “left over” time; receive the “left over” gifts, and his “left over” attention the day after Valentine’s Day.


In full disclosure, this whole phrase and concept irritated the hell out of me. I judged the whole thing as foolishness, drama, and a low-grade concept of love. Not so much about the idea that there are mistresses (this has been happening since the beginning of time) but the fact this is being glorified. Between this and the White House Press Conference yesterday, I was DONE.

So as I often do before I go to bed, I asked the Universe to support me in understanding whatever may be unsettled in my soul. Because what I know fur sure is that every upset in my life is a vehicle to inform me, grow me, and expand my awareness.

And as I have done many nights in my life, I asked for the answer before going to sleep. And as always, the Universe has a way of consistently waking me up to the TRUTH! So right around about 3:30am, the answer hit me like a lightening bolt!

I invited this foolish concept into my world to wake me up! Not to my husband having a sidepiece because that wouldn’t have resulted in a post! Just sayin’ I’m not THAT spiritual! But rather to examine how I settle for the sidepieces in my own life, my vision, my purpose, and my voice?

How often do I water down, accept less, or pretend to be satiated from the crumbs rather than be the star of my own show? Dimming my light so others will be comfortable in theirs?

How often do I celebrate mediocrity rather than honor the crown which is attached to my head whether I acknowledge it or not!

How often have I tire of going for the win and just settle being on the sidelines as I critic those who actually put every thing on the line to run in the race?

How offer do I create alternative facts to justify me waiting for permission from
Others then resenting those that challenge me to do better, be better, and to reach higher?

Damn. It is so much easier to be horrified at THEM. But what if the lesson has always been and will always be about ME?

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