Impress Yourself

A friend just recently shared that he is celebrating his first year of sobriety. I felt such admiration for the choices he made to get to this point after such a challenging journey. I can only imagine how his self worth has increased because he has impressed himself, moving through some dark uncertain times by doing the work no one wants to do. The work when no one was watching, when no one gave him applause, when no one may have noticed. He dug deep. He didn’t give up. He fought for his life and his dignity. And he is winning!

Self worth comes from impressing your own self! It comes from submitting to healing rather than your ego.

Self worth means walking away from some-thing or some-one when fear begs you to stay.

Self worth means staying with someone or something when fear tells you to run.

Self worth means choosing love instead of fear. It means you choose to speak up when fear, guilt or shame tells you to be quite. Or when you shut your mouth when you want to be judgmental and unloving.

Self worth comes from choosing to be honest and vulnerable when your wounded self tells you to put up a wall or shut down.

Self worth means walking away from whatever may be the addiction of choice and seeking support you need. And be damn anyone who stands in your way!

Self worth comes from being kind to yourself when you make a mistake. Admitting it and moving on!

Self worth comes from leaning into the safety of your partner’s arms during stressful times instead of projecting and blaming.

Self worth means saying no and meaning it or saying yes when no has been your default.

Self worth means creating space to submit to God’s whisper instead of convincing yourself you can do it on your own.

Sometimes you have to just help yourself! Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. And in those moments, you build up what no man can tear down.

What will you do today to increase your self worth? Let’s talk about it!

Tiffany SmithComment