The truth is _________________ and I am ready to change!


Listen... doing too much, being too much and expecting to little will leave you wrinkled, wrecked and angry!

Pump your brakes!

Ask yourself what is the pay off for you being overextended, overwhelmed and exhausted? Is it disease to please? The perfect patty syndrome or the "I need you"!to validate me (even if it literally kills me) affliction?

And don't even set your mouth to say it's none of these things cause that's an untruth!

Admit the truth and save yourself from yourself! Cause this is ALL about you and you.

Trust me, I know a little bit about this myself. The world
Won't fall off its axis if I send a regret or take a nap.
Save yourself!

Instead of adding more to your plate, choose to build the muscle of self-compassion and healthy boundaries. This is the ONLY answer to over commitment.

Repeat after me...
"The truth is ______________ and I am ready to change!

And the change starts today!"

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