The Walking Dead

We live our lives like zombies! Wake up, go to work to pay bills, go about our habits and go back to sleep. And do it all over again.

Is that really BEING alive? 
Are IN tuned or tuned OUT?
Are you awake or unconscious to the reason you are Alive?

Trust me...
It is possible to live a life with no passion, no compassion, no purpose or plan and no God! What a waste of such a precious gift!

When was the last time you savored a moment, lingered in nature, sat in the sweetness of silence or the tenderness of a touch? Or just be Grateful for having your right mind?

When is the last time you felt...
Truly FELT alive besides anger or fear?

Sit in THAT question for just a bit!

Are you living or are you alive?!!

If you are breathing, you can choose to WAKE UP! Make it a point this day to FEEL.

It really is the point of your existence!

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