The Beauty of My Life


Social media captures the best of our lives and that is truly a beautiful thing!

Yet... my life is REAL! Meaning there are days when my life magical! It's a snap shot of joy, abundance and love!

And there are days when I am tired, anxious and hard on myself.

And I forget when the kids have breaks (yes, I admit that I have dressed my kids and tried to drop them off at school when the school was closed!)

There are days when my teenage son triggers MY inner rebellious teenager. And that ain't nothing nice!

There are days when I look in the mirror and see an older woman rather than my forever 30 year old Self. And those mama boobs from birthin' three babies! Lawd!

There are days when I have a bad attitude cause I'd rather have a mimosa and pancakes than run on the treadmill and lift weights.

There are days when I watch way too much CNN and have judgments about the world and the President that I wouldn't dare utter to another soul.

There are days when I play life small, allowing fear to take over.

Yeah, clearly, I'm human.

AND I am getting better everyday!

And what I know fur sure ...
I am exactly as I should be AND I am a work in progress!

And you are too!

Be kind to yourself today!

Don't let the video of what is SUPPOSE to be blind you to the blessings right before your eyes.

Remember to give yourself and others folks a break cause we ALL are truly doing the best we can!

Happy Friday, tribe!

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