Healing Yourself Matters

Unless we are willing to heal ourselves, we will be toxic to EVERY-one and EVERY-thing we love. Period.

We will continue to attract OUR toxicity back to us in the form of chaos, drama, pain and isolation. What we hold in consciousness will be reflected back to us as our experiences.

If every one and everything in your life appears to be a hot mess, it simply means God is waking you up to call you HIGHER! The question is are you willing to take the call?

Here is the Truth...
you can't put up a wall high enough to avoid the sadness and pain that LIVES within you.

The only solution is finding the courage to Own Your Stuff! Ownership is the ONLY path to freeing yourself from the bondage of your past.

Telling everyone within earshot how f$ck up life has been for you...
won't do it!

Making your new BOO suffer because your other BOO mistreated you ... won't do it!

Being mean as hell, defenses and guarded... 
won't do it!

Sitting on the sidelines of life while critiquing others as they live their dreams...
won't do it!

Blaming every-body for your poor choices...
won't do it!

Putting on the "I'm fine" or "I'm perfect" mask...
won't cut it!

It may have worked for awhile but God's plan for you is so much greater than your personal hell and suffering. He is pulling you higher!

The work comes from unearthing how you truly feel about YOU. Not blaming others for how they have made you feel.

If it's too much for you to bare alone... don't judge it.... SIMPLY GET HELP!

Get a counselor, a life coach, in group therapy but YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF! It don't have to be so hard.

We are only here on this earth for a short amount of time, why waste another day without detoxifying your soul?

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