A Tribute To My Mother

I speak your name!!!!

I am the living demonstration of my mother, my mother's mother, her mother... And all the women who invested in me, loved me, corrected me and showed me how to BE woman!

You see, I am the gift they dreamt of, sacrificed for, fought for. Yes, I am THE gift.

I am the byproduct of their pain, their joy, their missteps, their suffering.

I am bound to them even though I may not see or hear their voices. These women's spirits guide my every step by protecting me, giving me comfort and guidance.

I am the daughter of strong beautiful soldiers. You died so I could live. I made it OUT because of you endured.

My mother, my grandmothers and their mothers' love courses through my veins and watches over me and my children.

I will serve your memory well! I will continue to tell your story. I will mother my children in ways you weren't allowed to do.

I will get up each day... love, laugh and express my highest self in your honor. Never bowing my head in shame. NEVER.

I will look up at the skies not at my feet because I know from whence I came.

I am loved by my mother, Dean Willis, who protected her girls with the fierceness of a lioness! Who broke the cycle of dysfunction and declared that we would soar! "Over my dead body will these streets take my girls!" I would often hear her say. Thank you for taking that often difficult lonely stance so that we could be a BOLD demonstration of womanhood.

I always knew there was a God because of how you lived.

Words can't express the gratitude I feel for the mama who raised MY husband. You raised the love of my life! How can I ever thank you enough?

I proudly stand on each of your shoulders!

I am because you are. I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tiffany SmithComment