*Attitude Of Gratitude
“What you pay attention to grows stronger.”

When you feel your life is spiraling out of control, be gentle with yourself.  Allow yourself to mourn, cry, vent and be sad. Yet don’t stay there! Make a point to seek out that which you are grateful for in your life. Start small but start! Speak gratitude into the Universe. Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want. There is always something to be grateful for; it is your responsibility to find it!

*Remember that you are not your crisis

You are not your crisis or problem. You are not your divorce, your illness, your weight, your trauma, your past or your bank account. Your true self, that deeper entity within you, is perfectly whole ---- no matter what you are experiencing in the present moment. Gently remind yourself of who you are and to WHOM you belong. If you have trouble with standing in the fullness of who you are, you must take the steps required to gain the tools to remember the TRUTH of who you are.

*Stop spending time with toxic people

Everybody doesn’t deserve a front row in your life.
— Susan Taylor

Consciously, rid your life of people who are not supportive, reliable or don’t have your best interest at heart. These people show up as “energy vampires”, draining your energy or finances or are unwilling to be THERE for you as you are for them. Maybe the purpose of this crisis in your life is for you to weed your garden and eliminate that which no longer serves your highest and greatest good? Including people! Just maybe.

*Examine your past and seek situations where you survived a difficult situation and remind yourself that you survived it!

“You’re the one, who tried to hurt me with goodbye? Did you think I’d lay down and die? I will SURVIVE!”
— Gloria Gaynor

You have survived so many challenges along journey. The one you are facing now is not your first rodeo! Remember the strength, wisdom, discernment, and lessons you learned from that which you didn’t believe you would be able handle…at the time.

Remember…lost jobs often lead to a better ones, most broken relationships lead to one that is a better fit, and the purpose of ALL panic was just a wake up call to get ON purpose!

Remember the Truth of your experience.

*Don’t Go to MSU

You can’t solve a problem in the same consciousness in which it was made.
— Michael Beckwith

Don’t attend “Makin’ Stuff Up University”! Don’t make the situation worse in your head by focusing in on the worst of it, exaggerating how terrible it is or minimizing its significance.  Be mindful of the tape-recording that is going on in your mind.  Spend time in silence, ask the Universe to bring you clarity then order in your thoughts and steps from a place of TRUTH.

*Prioritize Self- Care
“People who truly care about people care about themselves!”

No matter how bad the situation is, RE-mind yourself that you are alive! Many are not and would do anything to have a new day to begin again.

Make a conscious effort to take care of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical parts of yourself. You may not be able to spend as much time or resources caring for yourself as you would ideally like to but you must find some time to care for yourself. If you choose not to, know that you are reinforcing the abuse you are feeling from the outside world by abusing yourself from the inside.

Don’t have time to make a nutritious meal---

Put a piece of fruit or protein bar in your purse.

No time to go to the gym---

Walk for 15 minutes

Do whatever is necessary to clear your mind, move your body and disrupt the energy in your body.

Healing requires action!


*Examine whether you are truly experiencing a catastrophe or an inconvenience.
“Many times we don’t have a problem, sometimes we just don’t like the solution!”

Many times we magnify our problems into disasters. A wise woman I know once told me, “Anything that can be solved with money is not really a problem.”

This rule of thumb is such a great reminder that so often we create catastrophes where there are really a pain in the azz, inconvenience as heck, or a lesson we have been avoiding learning. Consider that sometimes we make things worse from habit or an unconscious way of seeking attention or validation. Be honest about habits that no longer serve you.

Be intentional about experiencing your life in a positive, affirming way.  It may require for you to retrain your mind.

*Practice acceptance
“Let go of that which you cannot control. It IS what it IS.”

To start, make a list of everything you don’t have control over. EVERYTHING! These are the things you can make a conscious choice to NO longer allow to consume your thoughts.

Then, take action!

During your daily prayer and mediation, visualize handing these items over to your Higher Power and letting them go. Then focus on what you can control, like self-care, your words, your actions, your sense of gratitude and your choices.

*Ask for support
We need to relinquish control, ask for help, and receive it with grace.”

Learning to ask for support is an acquired skill. In order to ask for support, you must know what your needs truly are! It is your responsibility to examine and OWN what matters to you and gain the courage to ask for it! Sometimes people want to support you yet they have no idea how to go about doing it.

Support can come from your parents, children, partners, co-workers, friends and even a professional counselor. Stop judging it! And ask for what you need.

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