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Science & Swag!

Look... I have to confess, I don't particularly like to do homework with my kids.

It often ends in tears and too much wine!

And the deeper realization is, as they have gotten older, I really don't remember learning this stuff... especially the way they teach it now! UGH!

So when my 13 year old son, who academics come so easily and effortless, had some challenges in SCIENCE... of all classes, I felt helpless in helping him.

My initial NON parent internal reaction was "Damn, you are on your own, dude! I've got nothing for you!" Then I had to remember I was the parent and to work in solution.

After discussing the issues with his dad and I, my son recommitted to working hard and to dig a bit deeper this quarter.

Here is the result.

It's incredible to see my children expand and soar in ways I couldn't or wouldn't dare!

That's what's up BIG ROB! So proud of who you BE!


Great Day Houston - The Relationship Show
Featuring Tiffany Smith, Robert Lovett, & Trudi Springs
February 13, 2017

Let's Talk About It with Tiffany Smith

A conversation with Oscar winning actress Mo'Nique

TV ONE'S, Roland Martin, stopped by our studio for an in depth interview earlier this week.  We spoke about his life's journey and lessons learned. Check out an except of the conversation where Roland made the distinction between being stuck in life and being stalled.  If you ever had a tough time in life.... listen up and see if his words can support you! They sure resonated with me...
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Bun B - King of Trill
I am so excited to present my interview with the King of Trill, Bun B. This is one dynamic brother who continues to push the boundaries of hip hop and what it means to be an artist.Take a look at my interview with Bun B, leave a comment, and press that share button. Join the journey and let's talk about it with Tiffany Smith at

Shanel Cooper Sykes
This week on Manifestation Monday, Brunch at Tiffanys had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Life Coach and Social Media Spiritual Coach Shanel Cooper-Sykes. She agreed to do the interview on short notice, and she showed up transparent, honest, joy-filled, and motivated to share her message with me and all of you. So take a look, watch a little bit, but i really encourage you to watch the entire video if time permits. There is something in this broadcast that everyone can relate to. Thank you again Shanel for being an amazing guest!